Internal Health

UMF 15 and 20 Active Manuka Honey for internal health. With a UMF rating of 15+ and 20+, our honey has some of the highest levels of anti microbial activity available, and at the cheapest price you will find anywhere.

If you don't like the taste of honey, you can still benefit from its natural properties with our UMF 16 honey capsules.

External Health

With its many naturally powerful properties, UMF rated Active Manuka Honey may be used for a large number of external applications.

From gamma irradiated pure honey in a tube to skin care creams for problem skin, our range covers all external therapeutic needs.

Manuka Honey Skin Care and Beauty

Manuka honey is well known for its health benefits, but it is also an amazing natural ingredient for general skin health and beauty. The exquisite Madeleine Ritchie skin health and beauty range has been perfected over many years and offers a unique and natural way to care for your skin, with superior results. The range is exclusive in the UK to

Honey Soaps

Enjoy the benefits of manuka honey when you wash! Some soaps can dry the skin, but manuka honey based soaps are mild and beneficial.

Non-honey Products

We think that honey is great, but there are other superb bee-related products and some non-honey based products that we think are so effective that we have included them in our product range.

These products are natural, utilising the pure goodness of nature's nectar to create a superior natural alternative.

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Therapeutic uses -
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Research articles -
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UMF rated Active Manuka Honey has received much coverage in the media and press - read about just some of it here.

Users say -
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About us -
who we are and how we 'discovered' this precious and rare natural resource.

Other honey products -
read about other Manuka products including Active Manuka Honey ointment for skin conditions, bee venom rub for relief from the symptoms of arthritis and the Madelein Ritchie honey skin care range of creams and soaps.

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